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Our last blog post took a look at the very end of our Baby Grows Portrait Plan. Today, we get to take a look at the very beginnings with two families! This beautiful family had one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever photographed (and I mean the could all be super models!) so I […]

Last year took a LOT from all of us, but after all the planning I’d done I did not want it to take away the launch of our PreTeam Teen Model Program…. so I didn’t. We launched. We invited. And we waited. I was nervous that with all the chaos and shut downs and changes […]

Nothing can pull at my heartstrings more than the final client pickup as a kiddo ‘graduates’ from their baby grows series. It feels like we’re taking them out of the precious little toddler bubble and sending them out into childhood to take on a bit more of the world and as we all know to […]

If you follow my personal IG (@sarahjaneshorthose) then you are already well aware that my house is full of two little ladies with some BIG personalities. Both of my littles (“B”, age 5 and “O” age 2) made us THINK we’d outsmarted, outparented or just outran the ‘terrible twos’ by basically not having them until […]

** This year on the blog, we’re diving a little deeper… or veering off course … however you want to think of it. And while pretty pictures and beautiful families, seniors and more are still coming your way, of course, I’m also adding MORE content to be both helpful and entertaining! Starting with a series […]