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Ok I know I promised two more blog posts on the personal side of things behind my major weightloss. And the two left were really more of the deep dives into my WHY and my SELF TALK … and I’m going to tell you the lie/excuse first then the truth for why they still haven’t been published.

The lie/excuse … COVID-19 hit and it didn’t seem like the right time to be focusing on me/weightloss when everything in our lives, routines, habits and world was being shaken up. (Ok but really, wouldn’t that have been a good time to post/encourage/motivate those who are at home eating the icing straight from the tub?!? <<< me, I’m talking about me… I did that!)

The truth… I’ve started writing those posts and dang, who knew weight loss and self image and the why behind all this is SO deep and personal and hits me in the feels (which is not a place I like to hang out ya’ll). So the real reason those posts are MIA so far, they’re hard. Simple as that.

Ok so what is this 2.5 post? Well I realized today that I’ve left a small detail out of the full story. Not really on purpose (though for a reason) and not to hide it but rather to present realistic expectations for what it’s taken to have this transformation. And the detail I’ve left out is Plexus….

Plexus has been a part of my life for a few years now after I saw a great friend having amazing results and feeling very good (even getting off a number of her meds using it). So, I did what we all often do when I saw someone losing weight and taking this thing… I ran out and bought the thing. I didn’t change a thing in my lifestyle and I took the stuff and I watched the scale and …….. big reveal, nada! WHAT?!?!?! But SHE took it and she lost weight!!!! And THAT is why I often slide past this detail in my talks of my weight loss. Because, I myself looked at it to be the thing to ‘fix’ me, and it didn’t.

But, I do 100% believe that it now supports my healthy choices and I feel much better, stronger, healthier, more alert, better gut health, etc while taking it.

So what do I use from Plexus……

‘Pink drink’ AKA Plexus Slim drink every morning with my coffee. I find this keeps my hunger/excess cravings under control throughout the day. I tend to graze/snack and eat more when I’m not actually hungry on days I do not drink it.

Plexus Accelerator. Started using this at the beginning for a boost. Take it with my Slim drink but not long-term. I have a bit left so I use it sparingly on days when I feel like I could use a boost of calorie burn.

Pro Bio 5 & Bio Cleanse … I am the WORST at remembering to take these two but I can tell I have far less bloating and overall feel better (gut health) when I do. Ideally 2 Pro Bio before bed and Bio Cleanse 2x a day between meals (I mean come on, who can remember that!?!?).

Block … Ok this is my forgiveness pill. Who needs (NEEEEEDDDDSSSSS) to emotional eat sometimes?!?! I don’t care if it’s right or wrong or healthy or not, let’s be honest once an emotional eater I don’t expect that I’m now never going to be one again. No, I have more foregiveness for myself ‘falling off the wagon’ and better self talk now to not beat myself up over it and this supplement helps me feel ok with a bit carbier of a meal or a bit of ice cream once in awhile. It helps me feel like it’s not a fall off the wagon I simply let my feet dangle off the side.

Active … I have tried a few different pre-workout supplements and really find I have much more energy for my rides using them. I liked Active as well as Beachbody and just recently tried Advocare. I’ve liked all three and tend to jump between all of them.

So do these all work? I don’t know. Is it just placebo, maybe. And so far it’s working so I’m going to keep on keeping on. But I wanted to make sure to share the whole story and not leave out any bits. I do think these have helped me (maybe physically, certainly mentally) navigate this transformation but I do NOT think they would have done anything for me without the diet/fitness changes I talked about in post 1 and 2 of this series. But if these can help you, I think they have helped me and I wanted to share!

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