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Ready to check out another of our lovely senior models today?!? Tara is up on the blog and I’m so excited to show off all her favorite images with you all!! We’re starting a little out of order because this series of images of her in the yellow flowers might be some of my favorite […]

Hey again! Today, I got to talk to a group of young future CEOs (high school entrepreneurship co-op came to the studio today!) and while showing them one of my amazing time management tools (go CoSchedule whoopwhoop) and we talked about how it helps me stay on top of my blog even during the busiest […]

Today I’m excited to show off some of the fun we had in Indianapolis last month when I was teaching at The Reset Conference! While my priority in my business is my portrait and wedding work/clients, I am also really passionate about teaching and helping the next generation and fellow photographers grow in this field. My shooting schedule doesn’t […]